WEGOSTRAIGHT is a cross media agency, founded by a group of determined people, with an ironic and dynamic attitude. People with a great and direct experience in the field of communication and luxury.

Thanks to an enterprising spirit and the acquired know-how, wegostraight combines professionalism and enthusiasm to develop and promote innovative and original projects, able to response to the needs of diverse clients. Through a synergic and multidisciplinary approach, the agency takes advantages from a network of experts in different areas to conceive accurate communication plans and productions of high level.


WEGOSTRAIGHT offers a full service: CONSULTING ACTIVITIES - communication planning and cross media marketing strategies; ART DIRECTION – design and supervision of creative concepts and visual products; PRODUCTION – settlement of economical, organizational and technical issues to develop adv campaigns, photo and video shootings and events.

Research, experimentation, experience and constant renovation allow conceiving focused solutions, custom-made to support the brand goals. With a cross-cultural attitude wegostraight assure efficiency in all communicational aspects, maintaining a special consideration for costumer service and human relationships.

WEGOSTRAIGHT provides expert advices to assist its clients in building blanket communication strategies. Beyond creating striking, original contents and offering a dynamic and flexible press office, wegostraight manages and optimize various on and offline platforms. Exploiting its skills in brand management and cross media marketing, wegostraight is able to create a harmonious communication flow, effective and coherent with the sources and expectations of each client.

  • Business analysis
  • Strategic communication planning and cross media marketing
  • Optimization of budget allocated to communication
  • Press office
  • Digital Marketing: website managing, mailing, apps and social networks
  • Media buying ATL, BTL: traditional media, outdoor and web
Paola Sacchi
Brand Strategy
Evelina Rizzo
Production and Talents
deny cadorini
Art Direction
Luca Zivelonghi
Art Direction
Marco Verzini
Art Buying
Andrea Gazzani
Graphic Design
Davide Brocco
Graphic Design
David De Toffani
Global Digital Design
Monica Faccio
Development Office
Camilla Zennaro
Development Office
Antonella De Luca
Development Office
Claudia Maestranzi
Development Office
Franco Panato
Print and Manufacturing
Mauro Beltrami
Accounting Office